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Switch Next Model

For some reason that escapes me, there are a number of people that claim to be "relieved" that Nintendo of Japan President, Shuntaro Furukawa, made a statement in regards to Nintendo's next console. He said the best way to refer to it is as "Switch Next Model." Now, what that actually means no one knows for sure, but, many people have interpreted it to mean that the next console will just be a more powerful Switch. Maybe, but that's not the point I want to address here. What I want to address is this idea that there was some sort of DANGER that Nintendo was going to do something way out of pocket and abandon the hybrid-concept. Let's look at history. The Nintendo Entertainment System was a success. So, they made the "Super" Nintendo Entertainment System. The GameBoy was a success. So, they made the GameBoy "Color" and subsequent iterations with form-factors all being adaptations of the original concept retaining the GameBoy branding. The Nintendo DS was a success. So, they made the Nintendo "3DS." The Nintendo Wii was a success. So, they made the Nintendo Wii "U." The point is that history has proven that whenever Nintendo had has massively-successful hardware, they don't change much, if at all. They keep everything that the previous console had that worked, and then add something to it. I don't see why people are acting as though Furukawa stating that the next console will be a "Switch Next Model" is some sort of revelation, or that there was a chance Nintendo was going to break from convention and do something completely different. Not only is that not the Nintendo way, but it's not how business is done in general. Look at Sony? The PlayStation was a success. So, they gave us the PlayStation 2. The PlayStation 2 was the best-selling hardware EVER, so, they gave us the PlayStation 3, and so on. However with Microsoft, they gave us the XBOX. That failed, so, they gave us the XBOX 360. That was their most successful console in terms of console sales, but the losses were so big for Microsoft (and Sony BTW,) and the damage to the XBOX brand was so great that they changed again and gave us the XBOX One. That didn't sell well either, so, now we have the XBOX Series S/X. Their branding is completely screwed up, just like their company. There is no sense of continuity between Microsoft's console. Each generation feels like a restart for Microsoft. Consumers feel comfortable investing in a product where the identity is not a mystery. Companies that can identify what their strengths are, and can enhance them with each iteration of their device are usually successful. That is one reason why Apple is successful and why Microsoft is successful in the software space with the Windows brand. I say all that to say that what Furukawa said was a nothing burger if you are actually using your brain. Whenever Nintendo has dropped-the-ball with a console e.g. Virtual Boy, N64, GameCube, Wii U, THAT is when you see a fundamental change in name and form-factor. There was no logical or historical reason for Furukawa to say anything but the next console will be "Switch next model."

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