Rules For Commissions

1. I only do fan-art pin-ups of anime, comics, cartoons and/or toys based on shows, movies, and video-game characters. I also 3D model weapons and inanimate-objects. 


For example.....

"Can you draw a picture of Wolverine?" (comics)
"Can you draw a picture of Ramlethal Valentine?" (video-games) 
"Can you draw a picture of Jetfire?" (cartoons/toys)
"Can you draw a sexy picture of Rangiku Matsumoto or Yoko Littner?" (anime)
"Can you 3D model *blank* weapon from *blank* anime/cartoon/video-game/movie/TV Show?"

That's what I do.  What you see here on my site is what I do.  Any requests for anything outside those parameters will be turned down.

It is YOUR responsibility to supply me with a high-resolution picture or pictures of whatever it is you want me to draw, or links to pages where that can be found for reference.

2. No fetishes whatsoever.

3. All commissions START at $100 regardless of what it is.  Final price is determined by me and customers will be briefed on final price before any work is attempted.

4. No sexual content (meaning no nudes, no couples, no kissing, hugging, rubbing, touching in anyway.

5. No political, social, religious, or any divisive or controversial subject-matters.

6. The style you see with things drawn here is the way I draw commissions.

7. I am not interested in designing anything for someone else's projects.  No Logos or tattoo art either.

8. I require a 50% deposit before starting work.

9. Once final design is agreed upon, there is a $10 per-change penalty for any alterations to the design later on.  BE CRYSTAL CLEAR IN WHAT YOU WANT DONE BEFORE HAND.

The turnaround-time for a commission is a window of  7 business days, although unless it is a character that has an insane amount of detail, or with a costume that is very busy with intricate pieces and what-not it shouldn't take longer a day or two.  Even if it does have all that, depending on my workload I would say 3 days tops.  I just like to give myself the cushion of 7 days just in case something goes wrong.  I want to hand my customer a COMPLETED project.

I reserve to the right to reject any proposal. These rules are non-negotiable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Are you available to commission for work on my project?"

A.  No.  At this time I am focused on my own projects.

Q. Do you do collaborations?

A. The answer to that is also no as people that ask to do collaborations are usually people with characters that are weird, gross, goofy, offensive, or just plain uninteresting.  I'm sure the characters are special to them and that's wonderful, it's just not something I am interested in doing.