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Starting at $100

Pictures of characters without any background. 

With this tier, I draw the character and that's it.  No real background outside of maybe a few splashes of color, or some nifty design just to help the character pop.

Starting at $150

Pictures of characters with a background. 

With this tier, I draw the character with an elaborate background i.e. buildings, vehicles, landscapes, city-scapes, etc.  The level of complexity of the background increases the price accordingly, as do number of characters appearing in the scene.

Starting at $200

Animated pictures. 

With this tier, I either take a picture and rig it to be animated, or, I draw a picture from scratch and rig it to be animated. 

If you have a picture that is already drawn from someone and want me to animate for you, then the price starts at $100 depending on the difficulty-level of the composition.  If I have to do everything from scratch, then it starts at $200.  I always converse with the customer on what work is needed in order for the project to work.  Once I and the customer agree on the parameters of the project, I will quote the price and if the customer agrees, I start work right away.  I also only accept high resolution samples to work with.  If it is low resolution, or bad picture quality I don't work with those.

$50-100 per hour

Graphic Design. 

Below you see some of the types of designs that I offer.  I do logos, promotional designs, poster designs, motion graphics, book covers, etc.  Price is
determined by the complexity of the design, and the time needed to complete the project.  The final price of the project is always disclosed to client up front and no work is attempted until there is an agreement on the final price of the project.

I reserve the right to refuse any proposal for any reason I deem fit.  I always let the customer know right off top if it is something that I do or do not so that there is no confusion.

Click here to contact me directly about commission inquiries.

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