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I don't do commissions anymore.  Here is why.

I'll start off by being honest.  I really don't like doing commission in the first place.  The reason why I don't like doing commissions in the first place and why I'm NOT doing them anymore is that no one asks me to do commissions for what I like to do, or what I do best.  What you see on my page is what I like to create and what I create best whether it me sexy pin-ups, 80s-90s based cartoon stuff, motion graphics, and 3D object design.

No one ever asks me to do a commission for any of those things.  Literally EVERY single time someone asks me to do a commission, it is for something that is as far away from the things I just mentioned as the east is from the west.  Or, if they do ask me to create something in those parameters I never hear from them again after they ask me to do a commission for them.

Another thing is that people say things like...

"You should draw more of *insert thing I have zero interest in drawing here.*"

Basically as a backhanded-insult to the fact that I like to draw sexy pin-ups.  However, whenever I do draw things outside of the norm and things that are more family friendly, kid-friendly, etc. those SAME PEOPLE are nowhere to be found on ANY of my social-media accounts. 

Not one single like.  Not one single word.  No encouragement whatsoever.

Lastly, people want to use me as a tool to draw for them.  They want to tell me what to draw, and how to draw it saying "You can't do this.  You can't do that. You can't do it this way.  You have to do it that way," and all these guidelines, parameters, and restrictions.

Now, in and of itself that is not "wrong" per-se, but I personally have not interest in it.  If I go to a restaurant and order a steak, I do have the right to tell them how I want it prepared (medium-rare, well-done, etc.)  However, I TRUST them to do a good job and I don't tell them how to cook it.  THEY are the experts.  Not me, otherwise I would stay at home and cook it myself.  I don't go to KFC looking for steak.  I don't go to McDonald's looking for tacos.  So, if what I do here is not your cup of tea, why are you here?  Are you thinking of me, or yourself?  Stop being lazy and find an artist that specializes in PRECISELY what it is that are looking, that has a history of doing what it is you are looking for, and pay them what they deserve to be paid. 

The point is that I have no interest for people to use my talents as their pencil to draw out their ideas the way that they want to.  I don't work that why.  I need to be free to create whatever I want to.  Whatever I feel is what I create.  I'm tired of seeing a world full of people that get to do whatever they want to do, but I have to sit in a box they create for me.  There is a difference between working withing budget constrictions, or physical restrictions or some other unfortunate circumstance where you have to adapt.  It's something else entirely when someone plucks all the feathers off of an eagle and tells it to fly.  I'm tired of restrictions.  I'm tired of the hypocrisy of people. 

This page will be dedicated to doing the art that I want to create when I feel like creating it and how I feel like creating it.  No more, no less. 

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