Commissions Guidelines

Pictures of characters from pop-culture with a blank-background are $100 US dollars.  Customers are given the file in both .jpeg and .png format so that they have the option of easily putting the image onto another background, use for printing on their own clothing. etc. 

Pictures of characters from pop-culture with a full-backdrop start at $150 dollars. 

For the type of backgrounds that have intricate-designs such as in the Darkwing Duck, TMNT, Monchhichis, and Optimus Prime pictures, that would be $200 US dollars. 

For the type of backgrounds you see with the Chun-Li where there is just a color-splash and a funky-design or pattern, that stays at $150.

3D models of inanimate objects like weapons or recreational-objects would be $150 US dollars.

Sexy pin-ups of female characters have the same rules as Fan Art. 

$100 US dollars for no background, $150 with background of a color-splash and funky-design, $200 if the background has intricate-details like landscapes, buildings, vehicles, etc.

If you request more than one character in the composition, that is an extra $100 US dollars per-character. 

If you give me a .PSD file with everything in separate layers and all I have to do is animate it, then the cost of animating a picture like the ones you see here is $150 US dollars. 

If you do not have the file in separate-layers and I have to manually remove the character from the background, the cost will be $200 US dollars. 

If everything has to be done from scratch, that would start at $300 US dollars and same rules apply as with the Fan Art (meaning if you want more than one person or being in the composition, that will be an extra $100 per-character.) 

If you are submitting a picture that you want animated, only high-resolution art is accepted.  I will look at your file and see what I can do with it, but if the image is too grainy then that will be a no-go.

Motion graphics such as these start at $150 US dollars

1. If it is not a character that I am familiar with, it is the responsibility of the customer to supply a high-resolution picture or pictures of whatever it is you want me to draw, or links to pages where that can be found for reference if you cannot give an apt description of what you want done.

2. No fetishes whatsoever.

3. All commissions start at $100 regardless of what it is.  Final price is determined by me and customers will be briefed on final price before any work is attempted. 

4. No sexual content (meaning no nudes, no couples, no kissing, hugging, rubbing, licking, touching in anyway.

5. No political, social, religious, or any divisive or controversial subject-matters.

6. The style you see with things drawn here is the way I draw commissions.  The coloring-style, the rendering-style, etc. 

7. I do not design anything for someone else's projects from scratch.  I DO refine or redesign ideas already made if requested.

8. I require a 50% deposit before starting work.

9. Once final design is agreed upon, there is a $10 per-change add-on for any alterations to the design later on.  PLEASE, BE CRYSTAL CLEAR IN WHAT YOU WANT DONE BEFORE HAND.

The turnaround-time for a commission is a window of  7 business days, although unless it is a character that has an insane amount of detail, or with a costume that is very busy with intricate pieces and what-not it shouldn't take longer a day or two.  Even if it does have all that, depending on my workload I would say 3 days tops.  I just like to give myself the cushion of 7 days just in case something goes wrong.  I want to hand my customer a COMPLETED project.

I reserve to the right to reject any proposal. These rules are non-negotiable.