The Poison Known As Click-bait

I’ve noticed a trend in social-media and the media in general in-regards to entertainment.  People tend to be excessively-negative towards something (which is most of the time) ignoring or downplaying anything good that may have happened, or they tend to be excessively-positive without any context or explanation as to why and purposefully do not acknowledge anything bad that may have happened. It’s either.... “This (insert entertainment-item here) is a disaster!  The worst I’ve even seen!!”


“This (insert entertainment-item here) is the greatest-thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life!! There doesn’t seem to be any middle-ground where people are just giving an objective-viewpoint on the overall-product and after highlighting the good and the bad, giving their final-synopsis on the product.  People have formed such a deep, emotional-attachment to “things” almost to an idolatrous-level that any variation or deviation outside of the image that they have created in their minds of what they feel that things should be is considered blasphemy. There have been several TV shows and movies recently-released based-on franchises that have a vast-fanbase.  A few that even stretch back for 40-50 years.  These are new-incarnations of these franchises and quite often the original-creators have little say-so on the projects. 

Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that I am pleased with everything that I have seen because that would be a false-statement.  I find myself being displeased and even repulsed by some the the stuff that we are fed today that is called "entertainment."

I’m not pleased all the time.  However, there is nowhere that it is written that I should or that I am supposed to be satisfied with everything.


In my opinion, it is unabashed-arrogance to think that things always have to be the way that we want them.  No matter how much YOU dislike something, there is someone else out there that feels differently.   Whatever happened to just enjoying a show or not enjoying a show and going to find something else to do?  Whatever happened to just turning on your TV and enjoying some shows that you like?  When did it become the norm where people have a score-card in their hands and have to check-off boxes to make sure every-show has all the stuff THEY think should be in there and if it is missing-something, then the show is a failure?  This is absurd.  If you don’t like something, just turn it off.  In the world of commerce, if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense.  The most-powerful weapon you have is your pocket.  No one can force you to spend money on anything

It doesn’t make sense to spend months complaining about aspects of a new-show that you already-know is going to be in there that you don’t agree with, and then when the show debuts you turn around and act “shocked” as though you didn’t know it was going to be in there.   It almost seems like a racket to me.  Unfortunately, negativity-sells in today’s society.  People spend months on their YouTube channels, blogs, message-boards, and so forth complaining about something.  Then when it happens, they fake outrage as though they never knew a single-thing about this show ahead of time.  They intentionally seek-out topics or news-stories that irritate or frustrate them and complain about it incessantly. Click, click, click, click!  See what I’m saying? This however has had a deleterious-effect on some shows causing them to be unfairly-scrutinized.  What I ask from people is this.  Form your own opinion about things.  It’s okay to listen to other's opinions, but do your own research.  Follow your first-mind.  Not always, but usually your first-reaction to something is the correct-one.  If you see something and it looks interesting to you right off the bat, then it probably will be interesting to you when you see the whole thing.  If something looks like it’s not a good idea, most of the time it will turn-out that way.  However, even if something looks like it might be bad, be honest to yourself as to why you feel that way.  Is it because it is loaded with things that you have no interest in, or is it because outside-sources have review-bombed this show or movie into rubble?  For me personally, I have the ability to compartmentalize-situations.  I can acknowledge ahead of the time what I know is not for me, but still remain open-minded for anything else that might be something I enjoy.  I also don't let things bother me so much. If it is grossly-transparent that the developers of a TV show, movie, video-game etc. are being purposefully-antagonistic towards people in my demographic for political or social-reasons, I just don't consume it. Problem solved. As an artist myself I understand how difficult it is to create ANYTHING that has substance and lasting-appeal.  How much it drains you physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually.  Even God Himself had to rest the seventh-day after creating the universe.  So, you are in good-company when you feel drained after working on a major-project.  As creators we are very underappreciated for our work.  The sacrifices that have to be made to create a product for others to enjoy is a daunting-task.  To have people needlessly-complain about each and every-little detail that may be off can be very disheartening and frustrating.  We have to learn to tune-out those people and focus on our goals. There will be people that appreciate your hard work. The people that are trying to create controversy and the people who try to capitalize on that controversy eventually will be exposed and have the bottom fall out from them.  

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