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Switch "Attach?"

There was a recent YouTube advertiser survey that was asking the question on which console would you want to buy. Here is a screenshot of that survey.

The 3rd selection here says Switch "Attach." What is that? Is this a mistake? This is too specific to be a typo. Could this be the name of the next Nintendo console? Well, let's examine a few things. It seems strange that with all the secrecy and subterfuge by Nintendo regarding their plans for the next-gen that all of a sudden they would be this sloppy and let the name of the next console be leaked out on some random YouTube advertiser survey. How would they even get that information to begin with? Also, if this survey is asking about unreleased and rumored consoles in addition to ones already on the market, why would PS5 Pro not be on the list? Most people are dismissing this as hogwash and it may be just that, but we like to have fun here playing the "what-if" game, so that's what we are gonna do. Not saying the rumor is true or not, but there are a few things to consider.

First, we have not even gotten a code-name for the console yet which is 100% out of the norm for Nintendo this late in the game. NEVER have they gone this long without any concrete public acknowledgement for at least the direction they are going with their next generation console.

People have just DECIDED to call it "Switch 2" when Nintendo has said nothing of the kind about literally anything. Switch "Attach" could just be a code-name in reference to a major feature of the console. For instance, "NX" in reference to the Switch was a way of saying Nintendo "cross" describing how it would be a "cross" between a portable and home console. Basically saying it was a hybrid without saying it outright. Nintendo "Revolution" was the code-name of the Wii and it was descriptive of the aspect of normalizing motion-control in console gaming, in effect "revolutionizing" the industry as a whole. The "Ultra64" code-name was self explanatory for the N64.

The reason why it's "possible" this could be true is based on a recent patent-filing by Nintendo.

If you go to the "drawings" section and look at Fig 8 through Fig 19, there are some very interesting pictures there. Here are a couple that stood out to me.

Now, maybe I'm reading too much into this. Maybe the current Switch could already do this. I don't own one, so I wouldn't know. It does fit the idea of the term Switch "Attach." Regardless on what actually happens, I expect that Nintendo's next-gen console will not just be a more-powerful Switch and that's it. Hybrid-gaming is not a "gimmick" anymore. It IS gaming. However, with so much competition in that field now with the Steam Deck series, Ayaneo series, ROG Ally, Lenovo Legion Go, and many other hybrid devices, even with Nintendo's stellar 1st-party IPs, that alone is not enough to distinguish it from the competition. It also is not Nintendo's MO. They don't do "normal" or "status-quo." Their hardware always has a gimmick, is a gimmick, or is a combination of the two.

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