Sonic The Hedgehog: Review

I didn't have any expectations going-in to see this film. Motion-picture adaptations of iconic video-game intellectual-properties have not fared well over the years.

That being said, Sonic The Hedgehog is everything such a movie needed to be.

First and foremost in my opinion, it honored the source-material to-the-letter. Anyone who is a fan of Sonic today or grew up playing the many games on various consoles will not be disappointed. If anything, I am amazing at how accurate everything was. Clearly, true fans of the franchise were at the heart of this.

The visuals of the film were superb. The redesign of Sonic for me is the SOLE REASON I even gave this movie a chance and I can honestly say that it would not have worked with the previous-design AT ALL. As I mentioned before, literally everything in this film was on-point in terms of being in-line with the games and cartoons. The earlier-design would have felt totally out-of-place with everything else being so accurate.

The acting in the film was.....okay. About what you would expect from a family/kids film. Of course, Jim Carrey was the star of the show. If there is one gripe that I could have from this movie is that Jim Carrey's portrayal as Dr. Robotnik was brilliant, but upstaged Sonic. Literally NO ONE else could have pulled it off the way he did, but by doing so he overshadowed (no pun intended) Sonic in the film from a humor-perspective. He definitely was in his 90s Jim Carrey-mode and hasn't lost a beat. Jim Carrey is like a real-life cartoon-character anyway so it was just kismet for him to be in this role.

I feel like most of the film the humor from Sonic himself just didn't connect for me. Everyone else around him were funny, but he wasn't. There were many moments where the dialogue paused for anticipated-laughter, but you just didn't feel like laughing at his jokes. He got a chuckle out of me here and there but that's all.

Sonic is supposed to be kind of a smart-alec and there was definitely some of that, but I think that he was a much warmer-character than I was expecting. This film did a very good job of establishing Sonic as a fully-fleshed out character that you care about before the real trouble begins. You know why he is here, you know where he came from, and you know what his daily life is all about.

Lots of Easter-eggs in the film as well and don't leave right away. Major before main credits-scene.

I think we are finally on the right-track in terms of movies based on video-games characters. This movie is definitely worth seeing if you are not a fan of the franchise, and if you are I feel it is a must-see. This movie releasing on February 14th is ironic because the film definitely felt like the greatest Valentine's love-letter to Sonic fans worldwide.

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