It's the OLED Switch Charlie Brown!

Some of us are old enough to remember the classic Peanuts cartoons and comic strips. One of the most-classic stories was the one title, "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown." In this story, Linus believes in this person called 'The Great Pumpkin' who basically is the Halloween-equivalent to Santa Claus. He believes that the Great Pumpkin would rise out of the pumpkin-patch and bring candy and other goodies to good little boys and girls. No one knows where he got this idea from, but he was 100% invested in it. So much so, that he passed-up going trick-or-treating with his friends so that he could wait for the Great Pumpkin to show up. Charlie Brown's younger-sister (Sally) adores Linus and stays the whole night with him waiting for this mythical-creature. Suffice it to say that when it looks like the Great Pumpkin actually arrives, it turns out to be just Snoopy in his aviator get-up! Sally gave him what-for afterwards. So what went wrong here? This is what is called "idolatry." You desire something to happen so badly, that you actually create an idol to represent that desire. The problem with idolatry is that it causes you to invest everything, but it the end you wind up getting nothing and sometimes you LOSE something in the process. In the most extreme-cases, you lose everything. I say all that to say this. For a few years now there has been a idol in the gaming industry called the Nintendo Switch Pro. Nintendo fans not only want it to be real, but have convinced themselves that it is real. Or at least........was real. Unless I missed something, there is no press-release, Nintendo Direct, investors-meeting results, tweets, or any official-statement from Nintendo regarding that they were EVER working on anything called a "Switch Pro." Now, it is logical to assume that there would be another console to follow up the Switch Lite which released in September 2019. Typically, Nintendo releases a "lite" version of their portable-consoles, and a "slightly" superior-version of their portable-consoles. They did with the Nintendo DS. We first got the Nintendo DS Lite. Then we got the Nintendo DSi. We saw this again with the Nintendo 3DS. We got the Nintendo 2DS. Then we got the "New" Nintendo 3DS. We also got the Nintendo 3DSXL which was more of an exercise in good-faith for their consumer-base because of all the complaints that they received for the original 3DS. There have been tons of "rumors" regarding the so-called Nintendo Switch Pro, but no concrete-information from any reputable-source other than what we actually got, which is this......

Now, for anyone that doesn't already own a Nintendo Switch (such as myself) I can see why this-version would be appealing. The price however is not. $349.99 for antiquated-hardware is not a good-look. Especially when you consider that the XBOX Series S is $299.99, and the Sony PlayStation 5 Digital-version is $399. So for $50 bucks more I can get a Sony PlayStation 5, and for $50 bucks less I can get an XBOX Series S. Both consoles run circles around the Nintendo Switch. They aren't portable of course, but if portability is the selling-point you have better-options. If all you care about is gaming on-the-go, the Nintendo Switch Lite makes the most sense at $199.99. If you want the hybrid-feature of being able to play on-the-go or at home, get a regular Nintendo Switch for $299.99. If the screen-resolution is still the same as the original Nintendo Switch, is it really worth it? I mean, essentially what you are getting that is better is 32GB more of internal-storage, a better and slightly-larger screen, and a built-in LAN adapter. Now again, for someone who doesn't already own a Nintendo Switch, this version I think would be the most-attractive. However, for current Switch owners, I don't think this moves the needle at all. These upgrades are nice, but not worth coming out of your pocket with another $349 dollars. To be honest, this console should have been $299.99 and the price of the original Nintendo Switch should have been reduced to $249.99. If they had even done a minuscule power-increase such as the case with the "New" 3DS or the DSi where you had a slightly-faster CPU or a CPU clocked-higher, with a little more RAM, the $349.99 price-tag would be logical. Regardless to all of that, the people who convinced themselves this magical-unicorn called the Nintendo Switch Pro which was going to have 4K ability, have DLSS ability, and many other upgrades that are not in the character of Nintendo I hope that they FINALLY learn a lesson from all this............but I know better than that. They won't... Nintendo is who they are and they are not going to change. People need to stop replacing reality with what they WANT to happen. Separate your desires from the available-facts. It's okay to want a Nintendo Switch Pro, but don't expect Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft to do what YOU want simply because you do. Stop thinking in such an obtuse-manner and be realistic. If Nintendo is working on a more-powerful console, a Switch Pro isn't it. It never was. Whenever a company releases a new console (main-console not iterations,) they immediately start work on the next-gen console. ALL companies do this. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony already have on the drawing-board what they are doing next. Nintendo is working on something. That much I'm sure of, but don't bind them with linear-thinking. Think "outside" the box. I'll leave it at that.

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