I need a Ph.D to Teach Photoshop?

I was just recently looking at some job-listings for Graphic-Design and well as Art-Teaching jobs. I came across a job-listing for an Adobe Photoshop TUTOR for some company. Not a "teaching" job, but a TUTOR. The qualifications for this position require that the person have a Ph.D...........

Now, I can empathize with a company wishing to have the best-available person for the job and the more experience and education the better, but c'mon now. Really? They want someone with a Ph.D as a REQUIREMENT to TUTOR people on Adobe Photoshop? Huh???!??!

You aren't even teaching them how to use it. They are learning that from somewhere else. As a tutor it is your job to reinforce the lessons that they have learned elsewhere, and to give more one-on-one time with individuals that the instructor does not have the time or ability to do so.

For instance. If you have a class of 30-40 students, giving a lecture is a way to address everyone simultaneously. However, we know that not everyone learns at the same-rate or has the same level of comprehension on subjects and it is next to impossible for an instructor to have sufficient one-on-one time with each student. This is where tutors come into play. They work sort of like assistant-coaches or coordinators in professional-sports. In football, the overall-dynamic on how a team is run is very-complex. The head-coach has the final-say on what happens on the field, and sets the overall-direction of the team. The assistants carry-out his orders to the rest of team on a more interpersonal-basis. They can go over the playbook with the players in more-detail. That's why you have an offensive-coordinator, defensive-coordinator, special-teams coordinator, quarterbacks-coach, running-backs coach, wide-receivers coach, and so on. Every position-category has a dedicated-coach.

Just like assistants and coordinators can and usually do become head-coaches, tutors can become teachers. However, a tutor's responsibility is to back up the teachers. Of course it's not easy, but in the context of the qualifications that this employer was asking for this is most-certainly overkill. Speaking as someone who has used Adobe Photoshop for 20 years, I can tell you that it is probably the most robust graphics-software that there is. No matter what it is that you want to do, if you dig deep enough you can find a way to do it in Photoshop. That being said, there is no way, shape, or form that anyone has any business asking you to have a Ph.D in order to be a Photoshop tutor. That is high-grade comedy.

Not only that, Photoshop is such a deep-software that does so many different-things and with so many different ways to do one-thing, it is impossible to "master" Photoshop. Having any academic-degree is not going to guarantee ANYTHING in terms of knowledge of the software, or the ability to teach or tutor others. A lot of people don't understand that knowing a lot about a subject and being a "teacher" are two COMPLETELY different things. Being able to effectively teach or tutor others is a specific skill-set and does not necessarily require you to have extensive-experience in what you are teaching. Being a teacher is very-similar to being a parent or guardian. There are a lot of the same-skills and attributes that are needed. Compassion, empathy, patience, wisdom, restraint, gentleness, thoughtfulness, and selflessness. Most-certainly not everyone can do it, but a Ph.D is not needed for such a position. It is not needed at ALL to teach Photoshop in my opinion. This whole debacle prompted another question to me.

Have you noticed just how many employers these days have the most-ridiculous and unrealistic-requirements in their job-postings? It's getting to the point where people are going to start requiring job-applicants to have a Doctorate in Quantum-Physics just to be a janitor. If I didn't know any better I would say that it seems like these companies are mandated to put out a certain-number of job-postings per week, month, quarter, what have you. They have no real-intention of hiring anyone and don't want to hire anyone which is why they give these ridiculous job-requirements to scare people away, while still meeting their mandated-quotas. Again, just speculating here. In any event, these days entrepreneurship is on the rise and quite-frankly is really the only way to go it you want any financial or creative-freedom at all.

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