Hard To Make A Living These Days

I recently had to delete my RedBubble account for three major reasons. 1. I could not get any traction whatsoever. 2. They hit me with a DMCA takedown of this picture.....

....claiming that it violated copyright, Okay, fine. Cortana is a character of the Halo series which belongs to Microsoft. If there were no instances of anything related to Microsoft whatsoever being currently sold on RedBubble I would just take the L and leave it alone. However, there is this.... As you can see, there is a TON of Microsoft related artwork being sold on RedBubble and no one seems to have a problem with that. Microsoft is not a member of their "Partner Program" either. To make it worse, it wasn't even Microsoft that issued the takedown. RedBubble did it themselves. 3. There is an artist that I have followed for many years and I saw one of his artworks being sold on someone else's RedBubble page. So art-theft is also an issue.

I just don't have time for that type of foolishness anymore. So, I just took my work down and deleted my account. Had enough of that. I still have my shop open on Spring... Which has my own designs on it. I won't be selling artwork online anymore of intellectual-properties of major companies who really don't even care if you do which is that sad part. They know that thousands of artists sell prints and merchandise of their IPs at comic-cons, street-fairs, and their online shops and they could care less about it. They know that it doesn't hurt their bottom-line in any way and actually is just free advertising for their brand. Microsoft can really care less if someone is selling a Master Chief T-shirt in a strip-mall some place. It's when people are raking in HUGE amounts of cash, or some bozo is trying to steal their IPs and pass them off as their own is when they get involved legally, which they should. If I was running a multi billion-dollar conglomeration and someone was selling prints of my characters that they drew at a comic-con someplace, I wouldn't get mad. I would be flattered. I mean sheesh. How much money does one need? If drawing my characters help them on their come-up, have at it. Some people make a living of just drawing fan art. As long as you acknowledge and respect the rights of the owner, it's fine. So, if and when anyone asks me to stop drawing fan art of their IPs, I'll do just that. I don't have a problem with that. I DO have a problem with hypocrisy. It's one of my biggest pet-peeves. It's really hard to make a living these days doing what you love to do, and what you were created to do.

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