Godzilla vs. Kong vs.....Mechagodzilla?: Who will be left standing?

Before I begin I will say that if you haven't watched the as of trailer yet, I suggest doing so now because nothing I say will make a lick of sense unless you do.

Now then. Good grief, this is looking good. I was kind of skeptical about how they were going to pull this off. I couldn't imagine how they could possibly top having Godzilla square-off against King Ghidorah with Rodan and Mothra also in the mix. Well, this movie might just blow all the other Monsterverse films out of the water.

Now I am about to go over some of the theories that are abounding about this movie and there may be some spoilers, so if you don't want the movie spoiled for you in ANY way, I suggest clicking-off now.

........still here? Okay! Let's get right into it by addressing the obvious elephant in the room. Mechagodzilla. There are at least three places where Mechagodzilla is seen in this trailer. One is very vague, the other two are pretty spot-on. However, let's start from the beginning.

During the end-credits of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters we saw this...

The part circled in red shows that Monarch was already working on building "something." One can assume that means Mechagodzilla, but we don't know that yet for certain or if it is even Monarch that built him. Then, after the credits were over we saw this.....

Here we see Alan Jonah arriving in Isla De Mara and seeing the head of King Ghidorah that had been ripped-off by Godzilla in their battle in Mexico and basically telling them "He'll take it." For what? We'll get to that later on.

I think that it is worthy to point out that this was Ghidorah's far-left head (from his perspective) and this head seemed to be dopey and not on-the-ball. A ton of memes have been made about it since this movie released. There could also be some underlying political-shot there, but the fact that this head seemed to be unstable could play into what we will discuss in a minute.

Let's talk about the opening shots of this trailer.

Now, in this first shot it is pretty-difficult to make out what this is, however in the next picture which is a continuation of the same-sequence in the movie we get a lot more clarity.

Clearly, that is Mechagodzilla. There is no way to deny it really. Even the snout looks the same as Godzilla, just in a metallic-form. There are also some clues in the Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures banners.

Looks like some-type of techno-pattern with electricity suggesting something "electronic" has a place in this movie. Then of course, the most-obvious and telling shot of the trailer.

You clearly see the schematic of him on the screen in the background. So we know for certain that Mechagodzilla is in the film. The question is, when, where, why, how, and who? That's where it gets interesting. When "Godzilla" first arrives in the trailer, he already is doing things outside of his established-character. He's smashing through battleships, and military-jets are shooting at him while he uses his tail to swat them down. Gorgeous cinematography and special-effects by the way in this scene. However, this is where things get even more suspect for me.

You see these glowing-red areas on Godzilla? That looks strange to me. Now there are a few possibilities as to why this is so.

1. It could be damage from the jets that are firing missiles at him.

2. We saw Godzilla go "nuclear" in the previous-film so maybe that is an ability that he can call upon at will now. I'm not a fan of either of those theories for two reasons. First, Godzilla is supposed to be impervious to all weaponry and unless I've missed something, simple missiles from jet-aircraft should not be able to harm him in any way, shape, or form. Second, it seemed clear to me that Godzilla expelled all of that extra-power that he received from Mothra in the previous-film with his final-attack to destroy King Ghidorah. However, here is the main reason why I disagree. Remember the first shot I showed you clearly showing Mechagodzilla's head? Let's take another look at that in detail, but I'll move a few-frames forward so that we can see a little-bit more of Mechagodzilla.

You see that? The same glowing-red spots. Hmmmmm.... Now, there is another-thing that I found peculiar in the aircraft-carrier scene.

I could be reading too much into this, but his tail doesn't look quite right. It "almost" looks metallic. Again, also could just be shine from his tail being wet. These next-shots however are a little-harder to explain away.

These look like sparks or electricity of some-kind. I don't understand why Godzilla's wet-hand slapping against the deck of an aircraft-carrier would cause sparks of any kind, but remember the blue-sparks that we saw in the Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures logo? Again, I'm not saying one thing or another. I'm just point out that these things are "peculiar." There have been several theories regarding just what role Mechagodzilla plays in this movie.

THEORY 1: suggests that this skeleton shown here in a scene from Godzilla (2014) is from a previous-Godzilla and the skeleton along with the brain of the found head of King Ghidorah would be used to create a cyborg-titan.

This has been done before in the Millennium-series of Toho kaiju-films with Mechagodzilla. In the Toho films Godzilla against Mechagodzilla and Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. we saw a variant of Mechagodzilla that was created using the bones of the original Godzilla from the 1954 film Gojira that was destroyed by the Oxygen Destroyer. This Mechagodzilla was named "Kiryu," and the spirit of the original Godzilla took over the machine. It became sentient as it were causing it to go berserk and start trashing everything like the original Godzilla did.

The reason this is interesting is because as I stated earlier, the head that was found from King Ghidorah was from the goofy-head. So it is possible that could lead to Mechagodzilla in this film going rogue and out of control of whomever built it and it could be that both Godzilla and Kong will have to team up to stop it. THEORY 2: suggests that the "Godzilla" that is terrorizing cities around the world is actually "Mechagodzilla" disguised as Godzilla. In the original 1974 Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla film, that is precisely how Mechagodzilla was introduced. We also saw an ancient Kajiu named King Seesar that was revived to help Godzilla defeat Mechagodzilla. Hmmm. King Seesar from Okinawa, King Kong from Skull Island. A LOT of parallels here.

THEORY 3: suggests that Mechagodzilla is being used to "frame" Godzilla by attacking all these cities and this misunderstanding leads to the fight between the real Godzilla and Kong. THEORY 4: suggests that Godzilla and possibly Kong are both being played in this movie and are being used as pawns by both Monarch and APEX in a battle of supremacy between the two organizations. We know that either Monarch or APEX is responsible for the creation of Mechagodzilla, and we know that Kong is captured from Skull Island most likely by Monarch with this small-girl who may be the sole-survivor of the tribe of humans that lived on Skull Island being used as a lure for Kong.

THEORY 5: suggests that the real Godzilla is actually attacking APEX military installations to try and stop them from doing whatever it is that they are doing, while Mechagodzilla (in disguise) is attacking cities to make it look as those Godzilla has gone rogue. THEORY 6: suggests that Godzilla really has gone bad simply because he senses that Kong is a threat to his supremacy and must take him out at all costs. Both of their species has a history of fighting one another. It is suggested that the battle-axe that we see Kong use in this trailer is actually a weapon fashioned by one of his ancestors specifically-crafted to defend against the Godzilla-species. Mechagodzilla may just be used as a pawn to get Kong riled up to fight the real Godzilla where-as he would not have a reason to otherwise. To tie a bow on all of this, I think this is how it goes down. This is MY theory.

~ I think that Kong will battle both the REAL Godzilla and Mechagodzilla in this movie. I think that he will defeat the REAL Godzilla but not kill him, but LOSE against Mechagodzilla and it will take to combined strength of both of them to destroy Mechagodzilla. Speaking of "destroy." I'm not entirely convinced on the idea that the brain of King Ghidorah will be used to control Mechagodzilla. That may very-well happen, but that comes across as being a little too-cheesy for my taste. Now, what I'm about to say all depends on whether or not Legendary Pictures can extend their agreement with Toho. I don't see why not. It's not like they can't make a Godzilla film in Japan if they want to. They already did with Shin Godzilla. Not only that, Godzilla (2014) alone made more money than all Toho kaiju-films COMBINED. Whatever kickback they get from these films I'm sure is far-beyond what they can make on their own G-films. I think that Godzilla is not chasing after APEX because they are trying to create Mechagodzilla (because it was already established that he was in development in the last film.) I think that APEX is trying to create......

Destroyah. Remember, the newspaper-clipping from the end-credits scene of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters that talked about them making an "mechanized-giant?" They also stated that they "tried" to create organic Titans. The way it was presented made it seem like they failed, but it goes on to say that the very notion that humans were trying to create Titans is what provoked the Titans to awaken and start attacking things in the first place. See where I'm going with this?

If Alan Jonah now has the head of King Ghidorah, we have confirmation that humans have been trying to create titans in the past, we see Godzilla attacking APEX facilities, and the Oxygen Destroyer was used in the last movie, it's not too far of a leap to suggest that Godzilla is trying to stop the creation of Destroyah because that would be bad news for everything. IF this happens, I do not expect to see Destroyah in this film, but in a possible end credits scene setting up the next film. It may take all of the Titans/Kaiju to stop Destroyah. We know that all the Legendary Pictures Titans are still alive. We know that Rodan is still alive, and we know that Mothra laid an egg someplace. Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. That's what I think is going down. What say you?

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