Dealing With Rejection

I had an interesting dream.  It was about a famous-athlete’s son that was extremely-talented, (perhaps even better than his father.) He was on the fast-track to being drafted into the league.  However, something went wrong and he was not drafted for some strange-reason. 


The entire sports-media was completely-negative about saying how it’s “all-over” for him and he’ll never achieve greatness because of this set-back.  Just kind of weird to have this dream out of nowhere. 

When I woke up, I was thinking about how absurd it was for the media to assume the worst just because of this major-setback for this young-man.  That’s kind of what the media is today.  Quick to report bad-news and spending too-much time on it, slow to report good-news and spending not-enough time on it.  

I say all that to say this. Rejection is a part of life.  I know this first hand.  Everyone has been or will be rejected at some point.  No matter how sweet things may be for you right now, rejection is coming down-the-line somewhere.  The question is, what do you do with it when it arrives?  The way I choose to look at it is like this.  Rejection is the doorway to opportunity.  There is a reason why that door was closed.  It is because there is a BETTER-door that God has for you to walk-through when the time is right.  Rejection has a way of galvanizing you.  It can cause you to be more-determined.  Help you to focus your energy.  It may open your eyes to attitudes and habits that are detrimental to your progress so that you can remove them and replace them with attitudes and habits that are advantageous.  It’s is almost like pruning a plant.  Clipping off dead leaves and branches so that new leaves and branches can grow.  Rejection can often be the catalyst to usher lifelessness out of a situation, and breathe life into a situation. When you ask anyone that has succeed into something long-term, they will tell you that every success came on the foundation of a LOT of failures. 

“If you aren’t failing, you aren’t trying,” a mantra that I have heard in my life.  It didn’t really hit home to me until I saw it in my own life.  There is so much POWER in choosing to take every-single setback or rejection and use it as fuel in rising to the next-level. There is no-shame to admit failure or to acknowledge it.  The measure of a person is “what next?”  Choose to keep going.  Choose to work harder.  Choose to prune things out of your life that are holding you back.  Choose to try new things or take chances.  Step on the face-of-fear, curb-stomp it, and rise to the next-level!

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