Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed

As of the time of this blog, the new Marvel Avengers game which has a robust development-group with Eidos-Montreal, Crystal Dynamics, Crystal Northwest and is being published by Square-Enix is set to arrive on both consoles and PC on September 4th, 2020. This game also will be coming to the PS5 and XBOX Series X later-on this year. This is mainly a four-player, co-op, action-adventure game, with RPG and MMO elements. There will be a playable-beta available on August 7th of this year for those that own a PS4..............and later-on for PC and XBOX. That in and of itself draws a red-flag. More on that later.

There had been a lot of hype over this game when it was initially-revealed back in January of 2017. However, we haven't seen or heard a whole-lot about this game since then so it's kind of flown under-the-radar. One of the reasons it drew so much interest is because of the stunning-visuals. Many questioned at the time if this was authentic-gameplay because the visuals were next-gen quality. Based on the footage in the breakdown of the beta, it looks just as good if not better.

Now, in the title-graphic you see playable-characters that have been announced for this game. You see Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Iron-Man, Thor, and yes....Spider-Man. Old Spidey will be coming to the Marvel Avengers game in 2021 (as many other characters will be added as well with no additional-charge over time.) While this game will be available on the XBOX console family, Windows PC, Google Stadia, and Steam, Spider-Man will be exclusive to the PlayStation-version. Now, a lot of people are upset about this and that is understandable. Spider-Man was/is one of the most-popular (if not THE most-popular) character in Marvel Comics history. Obviously a game of this magnitude has to have him in there, but it kind of stinks that Square-Enix would allow this exclusivity of Spider-Man to the PlayStation. As we know, Sony/Columbia Pictures owns the broadcast-rights to the Spider-Man IP. However, Disney/Marvel owns the Spider-Man IP outright and they have control on where Spider-Man is used outside of broadcast-media. So it's not just Sony and Square-Enix that are in on this, Disney had to agree to it as well. For me this is much ado about nothing. I definitely plan on picking this game up. Would I prefer that Spidey was in every-version? Of course. He's my favorite Marvel character. Is it a deal-breaker that I would have to buy a PlayStation just to play as him in this game? No. It's not that serious. If I was that much of a mark for Spidey, I would already own a PlayStation to make sure I didn't miss out on any Spider-Man games.

You see, that would make SENSE. That would be me being ACCOUNTABLE. That would be me taking RESPONSIBILITY. Unfortunately in today's society, being sensible, accountable, and responsible are no-longer allowed. We are supposed to complain about anything and everything that doesn't 100% go the way WE want them to, or think that they should. When we don't get our way, we are supposed to throw temper-tantrums like toddlers until someone shoves a Nuk in our mouths. The sad-thing is, a lot of people that are complaining are going to still purchase the game on day-one anyway. When you are angry or self-absorbed it often blinds you from seeing solutions to a problem (if there even is one) or looking at potential-blessings that are right there in your face. Is it shady, petty, and even greedy that Sony is playing keep-away with Spidey? Perhaps. Is that a big-deal? No. Here are a few reasons why. As mentioned, Sony does not own Spider-Man so he can appear in game-consoles not called PlayStation. Microsoft has purchased a lot of studios and if they wanted to they could work out a deal of their own with Disney/Marvel to have a studio of their-choice develop a Spider-Man game exclusive to the XBOX. Microsoft could do the same of making their own multiple Marvel-character action-adventure title that has Spidey in it. Maybe an X-Men game in the same-style as this Marvel Avengers game is? While we are on the subject, what Marvel character have people been BEGGING for years to see a competent, solo action-adventure game from?............

That's right, the Wolverine. Now, what is stopping Microsoft from going to Disney/Marvel and having one of their studios develop a solo-Wolverine game that is in the same-light as the Sony Spider-Man games or the Rocksteady Batman Arkham series-games? That's a winner right there if you ask me. See what you can get done when you just "think" rather than "react" or think BEFORE you react? You actually learn to have peace with a decision you don't agree with or cannot-control, and you think of alternatives that might turn out even BETTER than what you originally-wanted. While I have my reservations on Sony doing what they did, it is not inherently "wrong" to do what they did. From their stand-point, even though they do NOT own the Spider-Man IP, Sony is shrewd-enough to know that perception is reality in today's world. The "perception" in the media is that in the gaming-world Sony and Spider-Man go together like peanut-butter and jelly. This is a move by them to protect that "perception" and their investment in the Spider-Man IP. If XBOX fans are upset by this, it is YOUR responsibility (there is that word again) to go to Microsoft and say,

"Hey! If Sony is gonna keep Spidey off of the XBOX-version Marvel Avengers, then go to Disney and tell them to give us our own Spidey-exclusives."

In turn it is THEIR responsibility to listen to you and give a satisfactory-response to you as patrons of the XBOX brand. Closed mouths don't get fed.

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